Our mission

To provide best practice therapeutic remedial massage to relieve discomfort from soft tissue pain and offer advise how you may minimize the possible cause and treat yourself.

Available weekends and public holidays

Operating times
Within reasonable times seven days per week.

6Tame Court, DIANELLA   WA  6059

Clinic   9276 6655

Mob    0407 428 263

 ABN 37 053 679 571

Do you have
Sore and tight upper shoulder, neck and low back? Does this cause headaches.  Or acute or chronic muscle pain caused by arthritis, asthma, carpal tunnel syndrome or RSI, depression or stress, fatigue, fibromyalgia, frozen shoulder, jaw (TMJ), lymphatic clearance, muscular disorders, overuse Injuries, post surgery and rehabilitation, sciatica, scoliosis, sports injuries, strains, tension

What you'll get
In addition to the application from a selection of an extensive range of specialist massage techniques, our philosophy is to advise clients how to treat themself for sore and tight muscles and to prevent further injury. We will also advise on safe and ergonomic work practices for all occupations and will recommend appropriate strengthening and stretching exercises

Sport massage
Sport massage is not only for the physically active person, anyone can benefit. Dianella Sports Massage focuses on releasing tension in tight and sore muscles (soft tissue) and improves range and freedom of motion. Some of the most common ailments treated are tight upper shoulders and neck, and low back pain. 

Sports taping accreditation with Rocktape

Fees and quality service
My fees are very competitive but this does not detract from the high standard of professional treatment. Every client gets best practice therapeutic treatment as expressed in Mission Statement

I can offer lower fees because I do not have the overheads associated from operating in an office/shop environment. The premise is registered as a business clinic in the City of Stirling.

 Special rates for pensioners

  Remedial      $75 -1hr.     $45 - 1/2hr. 
  Pensioner     $55 -1hr.     $35 - 1/2hr.

  I do not quote per body part or limb. I undertake a wholistic          approach

 Payment Method - Cash, Credit Card, Direct Debit, Paypal

Health insurance rebates including: Medibank Private, AHM, BUPA, HBF, NIB and ...

Sorry, I don't have HICAPS. If I did my fees would need to be much higher. You are issued with a receipt with which you can claim on line. 


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